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Topics we may touch on in initial consultation

Do you need to…

  • Generate high quality leads in a certain timeframe? 
  • Build perceived value in a product or service? 
  • Manage lead gen across multiple media (eg email, paid search, webinars…)? 
  • Generate public relations buzz?
  • Lower costs per lead? 
  • Market to a longer sales cycle?


It's also helpful to learn about:

  • Changes, events, or deadlines coming up that you need help to prepare for?
  • Key items you need, such as a website, ebook, logo, or marketing automation?
  • Costs being incurred now for such things as marketing software, Adwords, and the like?
  • Trends you're observing at your organization or in your industry?


About Colosseum

The B2B Communications team has helped clients generate millions of dollars worth of new business opportunities. Leading the team is Rebekah E. Donaldson (aka Red), a marketing consultant with 21 years’ industry experience, including years of in-house work. At B2B, she has consulted dozens of leaders of $1-$50M businesses as well as Allstate, Cisco Systems, Interactive Intelligence, National Business Group on Health, SAP Global Consulting, Surewest, Sutter Health, Swagelok, and TechAmerica (formerly AeA).


About B2B Communications

We are a business to business (B2B) marketing agency helping companies accelerate trust, leads, and growth. We help Marketing Directors and Business Owners engage more potential clients, while using limited resources. Close teamwork with clients has helped produce roughly $2.2B worth of qualified leads over the last decade. To learn more, please fill the Request a Consultation form and submit.

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