The main activity of the factory Srebrenicanka is the processing and preservation of potatoes.



The basic products of the company are:

• Pommes Fries – 1000 g and 2500 g packs (premade and quick frozen potato fries)
• Potato Slices – 750 g and 2500 g packs (premade and quick frozen potato chips)
• Potato Rosti – 750 g and 2500 g packs

In addition to these products, in the near future Srebrenicanka plans to expand the production line of potatoe based products (with emphasis on the production of croquettes), and intends to provide its customers with a variety of frozen fruit and vegetables to choose from.

Srebrenicanka Ltd. Srebrenica is a relatively young factory that has just entered the food market, but in a very short period of time the company managed to attract a large number of customers thanks to the quality of its potato products. The factory currently exports 80% of its products to a foreign market, while the other 20% of products are sold on the domestic market. Since the beginning of 2015, Srebrenicanka has signed a partnership agreements with agricultural communities, companies and individual farmers, in the interest of securing the required quantities of potatoes. Thanks to the latest production technology and outstanding quality of domestic potatoes, the Srebrenicanka produces high-end fries on a daily basis. The guarantee of this ideal product is also provided by the company’s laboratory, which continually monitors the quality of raw materials and finished products.
Since the early stages of company’s inception, Srebrenicanka’s management has been aware of the potato’s value, bearing in mind that potatoes are the dominant agricultural item in the dietary habits of the Balkan Peninsula. It is obvious that because of the needs of the customers, potatoes and products made from potatoes are part of almost all forms of diet, and therefore very much in demand. Today, it is a golden age for Pommes Fries, which can be served as a fast food on the street corners but also as an outstanding addition to menus of respected restaurants, and also as a tasty and easy to prepare meal on the dining tables. Guided by the wishes of the customers, Srebrenicanka offers the best and finest quality fries, as well as other original potato products.
Srebrenicanka production plant was created because of the need to produce domestic fries, which simultaneously reduced the needless import of significant quantities of pre-cooked fries and other potato products from neighbouring countries. Potato producers in the region have already seen the benefits of cooperating with Srebrenicanka, so much so that the fries and slices produced in Srebrenicanka quickly found its place on the markets of almost every country in the region.
Eating habits of the people of the Balkans are subtly based on the indigenous varieties of potatoes, which is why Srebrenicanka’s range of products has adequately responded to a particularly demanding market. Environmentally preserved land near Srebrenica, as well as high standards of production and processing of potatoes (including the ISO 9001 certificate), is the reason for the company’s quality products, a quality that has been already well recognized by its customers, clients and business associates.
The installed production capacity of the factory amounts to as much as 2 tons of finished product per hour. With full capacity, the factory produces almost 30 tons of finished products a day, which amounts to 7.600 tons a year.

Such production success is the result of a carefully crafted business plan, which consists of increasing employee training and positioning Srebrenicanka as the only producer of fries and sliced potatoes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and neighbouring countries.

The company’s vision is to expand the existing range of products and thus gain new European markets, while maintaining the exceptional quality of the entire production line.

The company’s mission is to produce the highest quality products made from popular varieties of domestic potatoes, and thus effectively meet market demands and subtle tastes of its customers.

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