Company Luciana d.o.o. Lukavac was founded in early 1997.
The company records always better business results from year to year, which is a positive reflection on the business development itself.


The main activity of the company is construction engineering – but in the meantime the company also established a trade of materials and equipment for central heating as well as a production of PVC joinery and Al locksmith products. The company employs more than 60 permanent employees, with the tendency of continuous employment of new professional staff. The company has modern equipment and mechanization, as well as significant land potential and can therefore readily respond to every market requirements.

In the production of PVC joinery – Luciana d.o.o. cooperates with Trocal, one of the leading and most experienced PVC window and door profile manufacturers. The Trocal’s strategy is to produce high-quality and stable profiles whose features will ensure that the final product has excellent strength, proper fitting for the casement and doorjamb, stability from deflection, durability of paint colour…

PVC windows, entrance, balcony, sliding and folding (harmo) doors by Luciana d.o.o. are made including  following systems: InnoNova_70, Trocal 88+, MILL 45 (without thermo Bridge), TERMO 65 (with thermo bridge), and TROCAL AluFusion.

Luciana d.o.o. Lukavac, for the production of ALU locksmiths uses the profiles of the domestic manufacturer FEAL, Siroki Brijeg.
The company has also established trade in materials and equipment for central heating, and in its range the company furthermore has the air conditioners, water pumps and solar systems.
The company’s objectives are:

  • Superior and recognizable quality
  • Customer and business partners’ satisfaction
  • Employment of new staff
  • Shorter deliveries dates
  • Expanding business activities on domestic and foreign markets

Since its inception until today, Luciana d.o.o. has built a series of business, residential, industrial and other facilities for the well-known investors.

Our mission is excellent business strategy, the customer and business partners’ satisfaction.

Our vision is to ensure superior quality of our products and to expand business activities on domestic and foreign markets.

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Magistralni put bb, Lukavac


44.512852658406, 18.558941512312

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