The company’s main business is the production of fresh eggs. Production of the fresh eggs is an extremely demanding technological process that has gained intense industrial production characteristics when we are referring to intensive poultry farming.


Bingo chicken and eggs farm owns the most advanced equipment for breeding and caring of the chickens, provided by the German manufacturer Big Dutchman, which meets all standards of modern production under the Animal Welfare Act. Today, Farma Bingo is the leader of one of the largest and most modern centers of poultry production and fresh eggs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that is based on the capacity of the company, modern technology that follows world trends and the business policy that is created in such a way as to improve its status as a socially useful enterprise. Fresh eggs are safe and health regulated, thanks to continued investment in safety and quality of the products, which is also provided by the certifications, the Halal Standard, the HACCP (Food Safety Management System) and the Organization’s Own Control System.

The eggs packing capacity is up to 300,000 eggs for consumption by the Cantonal ministry of agriculture, water management and forestry, while the automatic sorting and packing machine for eggs has a capacity of sorting and packing of 30,000 eggs per hour. The capacity of refrigeration chambers or egg storage is up to 1 200 000 eggs. Farma Bingo Ltd. produces on an annual basis up to 50 million fresh eggs.
Farma Bingo is located in the area of the former US military base Comanche, on the outskirts of Zivinice. The company currently has 20 employees.

Our vision is to become the leader in the production of eggs in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, but also the strategic expansion of the product range into new markets.
Our mission is to offer fresh and quality products, and to preserve the reputation as one of the largest and most modern centers for eggs production in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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