The main activity of Bihacka pivovara (Bihac Brewery) is the production of beer and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as wholesale and retail of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Bihacka pivovara was founded in 1990. Since the very beginning, the brewery quickly won over the market by producing beer with superior and familiar taste. Bihacka pivovara combines traditional methods of top quality lager production with accredited recipes provided by Czech experts who closely monitor the entire production process.

Bihacka pivovara is a modern brewery with a state-of-the-art production technology that ensures excellence and unique taste of the beer it makes. The finest proof of this is high ratings the brewery received from the European Institute for Quality Assurance.
The brewery produces more than 250,000 hl per year.

Validation of brewery’s successful business strategy also comes in a form of honours and awards for the beer quality. Bihacka pivovara is the Laureate of the 29th International Awards in 2001 (29th International Trophy for Quality) and a receiver of The New Millennium Award (31st International Award for Commercial Prestige in 2001).

On the 4th of April 2005, the renowned certification company DQS GmbH from Germany awarded Bihacka pivovara with the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 certificate, and on 13th of June 2007, the same institution gave the brewery the ISO 14001: 2004 certificate. These certificates are validation of brewery’s business organization that is in accordance with European standards of quality and production, all in order to meet the demands and expectations of customers and the modern market. Bihacka pivovara is well aware of the fact that the prerequisites for quality beer production are stable environmental conditions, clean water and natural, healthy ingredients. Therefore, the brewery is actively preserving a vulnerable ecosystem by implementing new knowledge and modern, eco-friendly production standards.

The brewery uses natural spring water for the production of its beer and non-alcoholic drinks. A pipeline system connects the brewery with Lipa voda natural spring, located eight kilometres from the factory site. Bihacka pivovara offers beer packaging of 0.33 l, 0.5 l, 1.5 l and 5 l, and gallons of 18.9 l. One of the brewery’s finest products are premium light beer Preminger and traditional and slightly lighter beer, Unski biser, packaged in returnable and non-refundable bottles of 0.33l and 0.5l, in barrels of 30 l and 50 l, and in PET packs of 2l. Bihacka pivovara is especially proud of its best-selling Preminger beer, a refreshing alcoholic drink produced by modern technology and the original Czech method of boiling of the carefully selected raw materials of the highest quality. In addition to its flourishing beer production, Bihacka pivovara also offers a variety of non-alcoholic carbonated beverages Orangina, Limona and Tangerina, ice tea Frizy, juices JAMP and bottled natural spring water Lipa.

The mission of the company is to continue with the production of best quality beer and high quality non-alcoholic drinks, thus making sure that customer needs are satisfied and fulfilled.

The company’s vision is to continue its business venture as one of the best beer makers domestically, to improve and increase its production, and to develop new quality products.

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