Steel & Iron Foundry Vares was founded in 1891 for the purpose of smelting and processing of iron ore in Vares by Austro-Hungarian Empire. To this date, the factory was repurposed many times over, but the production of metal castings and iron processing was virtually continuous for more than 120 years.


Ownership structure is 100% private.
The foundry is currently located in an enclosed space of 12.000 m2. The foundry comes with the complete business ownership and real estate documentation. The entire plot on which the land is built and which is entirely in private ownership, covers 30.000 m2.
The factory’s production capacity of iron and steel is 7900 tons of processed metal per year, of which 7400 tons of steel and gray steel castings and 500 tons of non-ferrous metal castings.
The product range is as follows:

• Brake pads
• Thin-walled cast iron and Commercial casting
• Non-ferrous metals based on copper alloys

The closed foundry space consists of production halls, workshops, warehouses for raw materials and warehouses for ready-made metal products, office spaces, compressor stations, high voltage power stations (35 MWa + 10 MWa), low voltage transformer stations, technical water reservoirs and drinking water tanks. The production halls and workshop halls are fully equipped with cranes and equipment required for production, smelting and casting, such as dome metal melting furnaces (Ø 900 mm, capacity 4 t/h), medium frequency induction furnaces, channel induction furnaces up to 10 tons capacity (used for homogenization of liquid metal and achieving the required technological temperature for casting) and a gas furnace with two pots (up to 500 kg capacity) for melting non-ferrous metals.
The foundry is equipped for all stages of casting, from moulding and blasting of castings to final casting, as well as the application of anticorrosive protection. The existing facilities of the foundry are currently in a need of adaptation. The existing equipment needs to be refurbished but also a new automatic molding and sand molding equipment needs to be installed, as well as the equipment for modern quality control of finished castings.

These are the main reasons why Steel & Iron Foundry Vares has an incredible potential and exceptional value for future business associates and future business collaboration:

• Ideal market location, existing equipment, broad experience and industrial tradition for the past 125 years are an excellent basis for further development of production of high quality iron and steel castings, and high quality castings for the needs of construction, automotive and other industries.
• Because of its location, Foundry Vares is directly connected to the main railway, roads and highways in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Sarajevo-Svilaj highway is only 24 km away from the foundry and the railway line goes directly to the Foundry Vares
• Steel & Iron Foundry Vares is an intricate industrial complex with special entrances and exits for cargo and workers
• The production and additional departments of the foundry’s warehouse are connected with external roads and railways, which is ideal for unloading of raw materials and shipment of finished products
• The supply of water, compressed air and electricity will be carried out from the existing recirculation system, fully owned by the foundry
• The supply of electricity comes from the existing power stations, which are entirely owned by Steel & Iron Foundry Vares


The mission of the company is to find new markets for the existing production assortment and to find business partners who will be prepared to invest in modernization and upgrading of the factory.

The foundry’s vision is to adapt existing production facilities for the needs of the modern market, and to reinvigorate the foundry’s standing with fresh production of quality metal castings.

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