Basic activity of Light Metal Foundry Bugojno is the production of metal casings and other aluminium parts for printing machines and cash registers.


The property (24.277 m2) on which the foundry is built, consists of the following complexes:

  • Administrative building no. 108 (total area of 1.880 m2):
    – The ground floor of 600 m2 is in excellent and preserved condition
    – Extra two floors of 640 m2 and 640 m2 (in total of 1280m2)
  • Silumine-aluminium casting facility with a hall for iron casting, as well as 2.5 MWat power station (engaged force of 1.75 MWat), with a total area of 2.880 m2
  • Warehouse behind the foundry (total area of 324 m2)
  • Compressor station (total area 140 m2)
  • Hall no. 106B – Installation of Olivetti printing machines (total area of 616 m2)
  • Hall no. 106A – Central warehouse (total area of 3.000 m2)
  • Gas station (total area of 13 m2)
  • Warehouse no. 128 – Storage for chemicals (total area of 312 m2)
  • Warehouse no. 127 – Storage for silumine (total area of 198 m2)

The complete estate of the foundry is asphalted and paved, with the exception of the plot (3000 m2) in the surrounding area of the factory. Of the 24,000 m2 of land on which the foundry is located, 3000 m2 is covered with high quality forest.
The property is owned by a single person, with full ownership documentation.

It should be emphasized that manufacture halls 106, 106A and 106B, although not currently in function, have a good foundation with floor boards and concrete walls, which is why they are ideal for renovation and modification. For all these structures, there is a building documentation, permits and specifications on which these sites can be restored to their original condition with relatively small financial investment and adjusted for the same or new purpose.
Architectural and project design of the mentioned buildings was done by the ‘’Institute of Occupational Safety” Belgrade.
Administrative building no. 108 consists of ground floor which has been renovated and is in an exceptional condition. The windows on the building require glazing or some other type of remodelling.

The premises of Foundry Bugojno, besides the production activities for which it was intended, can be adapted to all other potential uses and needs of potential buyers, investors and business partners.
Foundry is located in the famous and coveted industrial complex Slavko Rodic, along the Highway Bugojno – Kupres.

The mission of the company is to attract the attention of potential investors and business partners to the extraordinary potential of the foundry’s infrastructure and strategic location.
The company’s vision is to modernize its own manufacturing facilities, recognize new markets, and to make an adequate business plan, in accordance with new market factors and future investments.

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